Structural Steel Work

Structural steel work is used in construction and must be created by professionals using top of the range materials, to ensure that the structure is as strong and sturdy as it should be, helping it to last a lifetime.

We have been offering a range of structural steel work for many years and always ensure that we use top quality professionals and materials in our designs and will cut pieces specifically to size to ensure that all pieces will fit together snugly for the perfect construction.

When offering structural steel work, we ensure that our professional welders and fabricators are able to assess the situation and meet with the client prior to starting work, to ensure that all structural steel work which is created, is done so to the best specification possible.

Some of our structural steel work includes the welding and fabrication of parts such as:

  • Angles
  • Beams
  • Channels
  • HSS
  • Plates

We are able to offer structural steel work for all of these parts and can create them to any size, shape or dimension, to ensure that your structure is strong and will last for years to come when appropriately maintained.